Blockchain Labs,focusing on blockchain and distributed network, investing and incubating the fundamental innovations that reshape the world.

“When the world comes to a digital era, the cornerstones of the future are Data, Algorithm and Computing Power. We strongly believe a distributed network based on blockchain will bring more value in the future.”

Founded in 2016

As an investor and an incubator, Fundamental Labs has invested in more than 40 blockchain related portfolios. Our mission is to empower the entrepreneurs to create more influential innovations.

Fundamental Labs belongs to fundamental foundation, and connects to more blockchain foundations all around the world. The team of Fundamental Labs has unique investment Philosophes and strong network resources in blockchain technology.

We focus on the fundamental innovations in both technology and business. And in the coming several years, we will help more people use blockchain technology to reform the traditional industries. It’s time to get things move on to the blockchain.


Fundamental Labs announces to incubate more startups in the first quarter of 2018.

Fundamental Labs announces to set up a new blockchain investment fund.

Fundamental Labs announces to get cooperation with the blockchain research institutions.

4/26/18,  Fundamental Labs was awarded one of the “Best Institutional Blockchain Investor of 2017” at the China Bridge 2017 Fintech Innovation Conference.

7/1/18,  Fundamental Labs serves as the General Managing Institute of the China Blockchain Application Research Center Shenzhen, a new research branch dedicated to further nurturing the growth in blockchain industry.
On the same day, Fundamental Labs became the fund manager of the recently established $300 million GHM Blockchain Industry Fund.

7/7/18,  Fundamental Labs initiated the “United Labs,” a blockchain investment alliance, along with several prominent fellow institutional blockchain investors. The alliance proposes to share resources and knowledge that can facilitate new investment opportunities.


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